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PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal – Fast, Permanent Results

When you come in for a PicoWay laser treatment, a topical anesthetic cream or local injection may be given to enhance comfort, but you may opt out of this step. In clinical studies, the majority of patients reported mild to no discomfort. The most common immediate side effects included mild redness, swelling, and pinpoint bleeding.


To learn more about PicoWay tattoo removal solutions, download the pdf given below. It has all the information you need to know before opting for the treatment.

Benefits of PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

W ide range of tattoo ink colors, including black, brown, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and orange

 Short treatment times

 Safe and non-invasive

 No anesthetics needed

 Minimal discomfort

 Permanent results

  • Before and after view of colour laser tattoo removal
  • customer back after old tattoo being lightened
  • PicoWay laser tattoo removal before and after pictures
  • Before and after view of tattoo being lightened with PicoWay laser tattoo removal
  • colour tattoo being lightened
  • old tattoo being removed from customer arm

How This Process Works

Tattoo inks tend to be made of compounds from heavy metals such as lead, copper, and manganese. To remove a tattoo, lasers are needed to break up and dissemble the ink particles. The tattoo removal laser is extremely hot, operates in a very narrow frequency, and works on a scale of a trillionth of a second. The heat from the laser expands the ink particle, while the “zap” of the laser discharges quickly enough so that half of the particle remains cool. The opposing cool and hot forces rip the ink particle apart. This process, called photothermolysis, is also used in laser hair removal. Once the lasers break the ink particles apart, your body’s white blood cells can absorb and eliminate them. The laser heat is intense, but because it happens rapidly and is specifically directed toward the ink, the laser doesn’t burn skin tissue – the energy collapses into a shockwave instead. It may illicit a bit of a sting, but the effect usually only lasts just a few seconds. Soon, your tattoo will have completely disappeared.

What Affects Laser Tattoo Removal Results

The number of treatments required will depend on a variety of variables which include:

Size of the tattoo (larger tattoos will take longer to remove)

Location of the tattoo (areas with less body fat are more difficult to treat)

Colour of the tattoo (black tattoos with less shading are easier to treat)

Skin type (patients with darker skin are more difficult to treat)

Application method of the tattoo (professional tattoos penetrate the skin tissue more deeply and so will require more treatment; cover-ups of tattoos use more ink and thus are more difficult to treat)

Age of the tattoo (ink particles lie deeper into the skin as it ages; newer and fresher tattoos are also more difficult to remove)

Call us today for to schedule a consultation. One of our tattoo removal experts will help guide you through a custom plan specific to your tattoos and goals.

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